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Rotogravure machine for gravure printing


Rotogravure machines are suitable for large orders and provide consistently high quality with chrome cylinder for rotogravure printing as a tool. In addition, due to the high degree of automation, these machines can reproduce photographic motifs. The range of materials is very large and covers almost all the material with a smooth surface structure.

WYA Seriec Computerized Color prodessing Press is the practical , economical , mediun-and high-speed functionally-arrayed intaglio press which integrates the word advanced technique and China’s actual conditions into one . The press is suitable for multi-color continuous printing of various rolled film materials such as PET, glass paper, BOPP, nylon and paper. 

1.Separate microprocessor for each control unit of automatic color processing system , which rectifies chromatographic deviation quickly and precisely.
2.Two-position rotation for unwinding and rewinding .
3.Effective second drafting and collective cxhausting for the drying system , resulting in energy saving , safety and perfect drying .
4.Automatic tension control.
5.The main motor adopts frequency-changing speed regulation , with stable running and energy saving .
6.The number of printing units can be increased or decreased according to requirement ; reverse printing device can be added if necessary

The number of printing units can be increased or decreased depending on the customer's requirements; of necessity can be set back print section.


 Items  WYA-61100B  WYA-6850B
No.of printing unit   6
Printing width  1000 mm
 800 mm
Diameter of plate cylinder Ø128 - Ø280 (Ø350 mm)
Printing speed   120m/min(when plate cylinder is of  Ø180) adjustable
Diameter of rewinder and unwinder Ø600 mm
Output of the main motor   11 kW
Total output  100 kW  82 kW
Weight  10000 kg  9000 kg
Overall dimensions  1350×2400×2600 mm  1350×2200×2660 mm
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