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To obtain multi-layer polymer films, including the use of aluminum foil and paper the following lamination technologies are used: "wet", "dry", under pressure, using a molten mass, co-extrusion, which is a separate technology of obtaining multilayer films. Traditionally, the term "laminate" refers to materials produced by connecting ready  films.
In the "dry" laminating most commonly used two-component polyurethane adhesive with a solvent. Polymerization of polyurethane begins after mixing the components, such as polyester with isocyanate, and increases during the evaporation of the solvent in a tunnel dryer. Accelerate the polymerization, and thus increase the resistance of the connection layer laminate sought by heating the laminated cylinder. The technology of dry lamination with solvent traditionally used in the production of laminates, which are the mutual connection of plastic films, such as: PA / LDPE, PET / LDPE, including in the form of metallized films and plastic films with aluminum foil.

On dry laminator GF series  offsetting cylider is directly glued to bind two materials , featuring fast working speed and good trim of the laminated products . The machine is suitable for two-layer or multi-layer binding of various rolled film materals such as PET, glass paper , BOPP , mylon , CPP ,CPE , PE , aluminum foil and paper . So the superb packing material is thus made .
1.Unwinding and rewinding are controlled by magnetic powder brake and magnetic powder clutch .
2.The drying system is of separate 3 sections at constant temperature and secondary drafting , resulting in energy saving and perfect drying .
3.The first base-material unwinding adopts automatic deviation rectification to ensure trim side and correct gluing .
4.The binding compression roller and gluing compression roller are pnematically activated to ensure trim side and correct gluing .
5.The binding compression roller and gluing compression roller are pnematically activated to ensure even pressure.
6.The main motor adopts frequency-changing speed regulation , with stable running and energy saving.
7.Large-size cast iron base-plate is used to guarantee preciseness of the whole machine and easy installation .

 Items  GF-600  GF-800  GF-1000
Laminated layers    two layers
Width of lamination  620 mm
 820 mm
 1000 mm
Speed of lamination    80m/min
Diameter of unwinder and rewinder Ø620 mm
Max.drying temperature 120°С
Total output  31 kW
 40 kW  50 kW
Weight  2800 kg
 3500 kg
 4200 kg
Overall dimensions  6600mm×1580mm×2700mm  6600mm×1780mm×2700mm  6600mm×1980mm×2900mm
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